about !

aka inés. he/love + more in pronouny minor esp/eng indg latino transmasc agender + xenogenders aroace lesbian




hii if ur into typology I'm a xnfp 6w7 :) also i'm the co-owner of gardenia ju mp yippee !!!!

byf !

pls dont use r + f slurs around me (even if you can reclaim them) i don't mind nicknames, but please dont use ones w/o asking me. i am also very critical of my interests.

dni !

proshippers, nft, toothpaste flag users, & dsmp stans. i block freely :]


cr koallitas for template !!

mainpersona 3-5, cookie run (ob), ace attorney + dgs, smile precure, journaling, animanga, acnh, d4dj

musicive, drippin, stayc, txt, malice mizer, yukika